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LIACC® is one of the most professional manufacturers specializing in EV Charging products include AC EV Charger wallbox , Portable EV charger and EV charging cables.which can offer competitive price but high quality products. 

Our products have passed TUV, CB, CE,RoHS and CQC and other domestic and foreign safety certification, products have national utility model and appearance invention patents.

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3.7kW Portable EV Charger

3.7kW Portable EV Charger

LIACC is one of the most professional manufacturer and supplier for the 3.7KW Portable EV Charger in China . We have offered ODM&OEM for European and Asian markets for many years. We hope to be your long-term supplier in China.

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As a professional China Portable EV Charger manufacturers and suppliers called Liya. High quality Portable EV Charger are very popular in all countries. We can provide low price products, If you want products made in China, you can get it from our factory. Welcome to buy products from our factory.