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7.2KW AC EV Charger Tethered Wallbox

7.2KW AC EV Charger Tethered Wallbox

Aegis 7.2kW Mode 3 EV Charger Wallbox is complied with IEC61851:2022, it is built-in Type B RCD, presents premium circuit protection performance. And its housing designed to be IP65 protection degree, and IP54 for whole charger system, which is proved to be whether resistance and suitable for either indoor or outdoor installation. It is also featured with smart functions, such as: Dynamic load balance(DLB), WiFi&APP control, OCPP1.6 etc.

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Product Description

7.2KW AC EV Charger Tethered Wallbox

LIACC 7.2KW AC EV charger tethered wallbox is small and light, simple to operate, small footprint, easy to install.
LIACC EV charger implements a strict quality control management process from the procurement and warehousing of raw materials to the production and assembly packaging. From the incoming inspection and warehousing of raw materials, LIACC 7.2KW AC EV charger tethered wallbox has gone through 11 processes, including wire harness processing, circuit board test, circuit board aging test, controller assembly, controller aging test, Electric Vehicle Chargers assembly, Electric Vehicle Chargers test, packaging and ex-factory inspection, ensure that the procedures of each supply chain and section are scientific and sound, and the quality control is in place. through the digital factory, the production can be traced and visualized to ensure the stability of the product.

With mature production process, industrial three prevention design, IP54 and IP55 protection grades, LIA 7.2KW AC EV charger tethered wallbox has the characteristics of high strength, flame resistance, high temperature resistance and good heat dissipation, and is equipped with necessary moisture-proof, mildew-proof, rain-proof, sunscreen, flame-retardant and fire-proof, insulation, anti-salt spray and anti-corrosion (anti-oxidation) devices, which can meet the environmental requirements of the equipment. 


-Residential- apartments, multi and single-family dwellings

-Industrial- over the road and off-road equipment

-Commercial- parking garages, delivery fleets, retail locations

-Institutional- hospitals, government complexes and fleets


Model EVB-132-TC2
Dimension(mm) 360mm(L)* 193mm (W) *170mm(H)
Color Black, white, blue, gray, orange
HMI 2.8" LCD display(optional)
AC Power AC 240V (single phase)
Rated Current 32A
Charging Power 7.2KW
Connector type Type 2 / IEC 62196-2 / Europe Standard
Working Condition Elevation:≤2000m; Temperature:-20℃~+50℃
Charging Mode Plug and charge (RFID,WIFI and OCPP are optional)
Protection Function Overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, leakage, etc.
Cable Length 5m (customizable)
Protection Level IP55
Installation Wall-mounted or floor-mounted installation

Classified by installation conditions, it is mainly divided into Floor-mounted AC EV charging station、Wall-mounted AC EV charging station


Mounting Pole Material: metal

Feature: small footprint, easy to use, durable and beautiful

Needn’t to lean against the wall and is suitable for outdoor parking spaces or community parking spaces


Must be fixed against the wall and is suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces

Feature: compact design, easy to use, durable and beautiful, safe and reliable

Quick wiring connection

Using professional photovoltaic grade connectors, the conductor material is pure copper, the housing is made of modified PC material, waterproof structure design. The flame retardant grade reaches UL94-V0 and the protection grade is up to IP68, with excellent performance of power load, electrical isolation and environmental resistance.

Built-in Type B RCD

Safety first! According to lEC 61851, it is clearly stipulated that the residual current protection in AC charging equipment shall adopt Type B or Type A+6mA smooth DC RCD, which meets the requirements of lEC 60755-2017. Moreover, the Type B RCD provides protection against smooth DC leakage and high-frequency leakage, which is not available with the Type A+DC 6mA. This is why we chose Type B RCDs as circuit protection devices.

Authorization Control

It is necessary to manage the usage authorization when the EV chargers are installed at public parks. The LIACC EV charger supports RFID technology, and it will prevent others using the EV charger without permission.

Supports OCPP1.6J

The LIACC EV charger supports OCPP1.6J and compatible with most backend serves, it has succeeded to be connected the platforms in EU and Asia.

Tripe Color Status Indication

It helps users to easily read and understand the operation status of EV charger. BLUE means standby, GREEN means charging and RED means error.

PEN Fail Protection

PEN means PE(grounding) and N(neutral) that is joint under certain circumstance. Occasionally, it can make the neutral line with electricity, thus creating a risk of electric shock in the event of accidental contact with the human body. Our PEN fault protection feature can disconnect all circuits(PE+L+N), and protect users from electric shock hazard.

Dynamic Load Balance

Bases on WiFi and Tuya APP, and by adding an extra smart sensor, the EV charger becomes household power guardian. It is instantly monitor the household power consumption, and reacts by increasing or reducing the charging power, hence, prevent the power overload and circuit breaker tripped unintended.

WiFi & APP

Powered by Tuya, it allows the users to remote monitor and manage the EV charger by mobile APP. Featured with charge reservation, ON/OFF control, charge current setup, error warning functions etc.

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