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How to use European DC EV charger to charge Chinese EVs?


When you click on this article, there is a good chance that you are the owner (or future owner) of an electric car imported from China. This is a trend, because electric cars produced in China are becoming more attractive not only in terms of price, but also in terms of performance and configuration, but charging in different regions is a bit tricky. This article will introduce the characteristics of charging Chinese electric vehicles in the CCS2 region.

There are two general reasons why people buy a Chinese electric car in Europe: either the model is not available in their region and they want to have it in Europe, or the price is quite advantageous compared to other models in the region. Of course, it's mainly the second reason.

What is GB/T charging?

Just as different countries speak different languages, EV chargers also have different standards. North Americans even have two different charging standards :CCS1 and NACS(Tesla). European chargers use the CCS2 standard, and Japan uses CHAdeMO. China, as a country of 1.4 billion people, has reasonably implemented its own rate: GB/T. Electric vehicles in China have two separate charging ports: AC and DC.

By 2022, China has produced 5.5 million electric vehicles. Of course, some of these cars have been exported to other countries. Common importers of Chinese electric vehicles include Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Colombia, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Georgia and others. None of these countries officially use the GB/T standard.

Why we need a CCS2 to GBT adapter?

At this time, the owners must consider the appropriate charging method, as they can choose an AC charger for daily household use.But what if you have a special need for fast charging at a DC charging station, and all the charging stations in your country use the CCS2 standard?

You have two options, either change the entire charging port from GB/T to CCS2, which is obviously not practical. Either use a fast charging adapter, the so-called CCS2 to GB/T adapter. This article will cover the DC adapter in detail, as this is the more popular choice among users due to its low price and very practical.

How does a CCS2 to GBT adapter work?

This is the bridge between a GB/T electric vehicle and a CCS2 charging station. Compared to most adapters this one is more complicated due to the different communication protocols between the two charging standards. CCS2 uses PLC signals while GB/T DC uses CAN signals and the conversion between the two is more complicated than other AC/DC charging adapters. This complex conversion has also affected the product’s functionality.

Why the CCS to GBT adapter is expensive?

In summary, CCS2 and GBT use two different communication protocols. As a result, the cost of the software and hardware responsible for protocol transmission is several times higher than that of conventional adapters.

The supply of this adapter is also limited due to its complex operation. Nevertheless, we can assure you that our prices are still very competitive.

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