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Why does LIACC choose PV connector as the wiring solution of AC EV chargers?


LIACC has been committed to exploring more efficient and safe wiring solutions for AC EV chargers. Through scientific structural design, the charging pile can be quickly connected to the power supply without opening the housing at the installation site, reducing the installation labor cost and saving the user's installation cost.

For the first generation of solutions, we used an external IP68 waterproof junction box.


This solution solves the problem that the housing needs to be opened during installation, but some problems are also exposed in the actual use process. For example, due to improper operation by the user, such as the copper core dispersion is not twisted into a strand, or the terminal is not tightened, it is possible to cause excessive temperature rise and burn.

Therefore, after repeated verification and research, we have developed a structural scheme to adapt the connector for photovoltaic.

Compared with traditional power connectors, photovoltaic connectors have some unique design features to adapt to the needs of solar power generation systems.

1. Efficient energy transmission: photovoltaic connectors use low-resistance materials and design to reduce energy loss to a greater extent and improve energy conversion efficiency.

2. Weather resistance and durability: photovoltaic connectors are treated with water, dust and UV resistance, which can be used for a long time in harsh environments, and have long life and durability.

3. Quick installation and maintenance: photovoltaic connectors usually use a simple and fast plug and pull design, convenient installation and maintenance personnel to operate, reduce system downtime.

4. Safety and reliability: The photovoltaic connector has a safe design to prevent false contact and electrical contact failure to ensure the safe operation of the system.


After adjustment, it has been praised by customers, first of all, there is no need to open the product cover, which greatly ensures the waterproof performance and sealing of the equipment when it is delivered. After-sales problems become easier. Secondly, the wiring method is easier to operate than before, and each wire will be crimped with the terminal and then inserted into the connector, which is safer and easier.

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