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Features of 3.7KW AC Electric Vehicle Charger Tethered Wall Box


3.7KW AC EV Charger Tethered Wallbox is an AC electric vehicle charger with a fixed connection (Tethered) type cable. It has certain advantages and functions in the field of electric vehicle charging.

1. Charging power: 3.7KW means that the maximum output power of this charger is 3.7 kilowatts, which is a relatively low power charger, suitable for daily household use, especially in the case of long charging time, such as charging at night.

2. AC charging: This charger uses alternating current (AC) charging, suitable for urban areas, homes and offices, etc., providing convenient charging options.

3. Fixed connection cable: Tethered Wallbox means that the charger comes with a fixed connection cable, which makes charging more convenient and users don't need to carry extra charging cables.

4. Home charging: Due to the low charging power, this charger is especially suitable for home charging environment. It can be connected to the home electricity network to provide charging services for electric vehicles in the home.

It is important to note that the EV charger market is constantly evolving and new models and technologies may be introduced. If you are interested in purchasing an electric vehicle charger, it is recommended that you review the latest product information and technical specifications to ensure that the charger you choose meets your needs and requirements.
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