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How many squares do I need for an electric car charging cable?


How many squares do I need for an electric car charging cable?

Electric car charging cable 2.5 square or 4 square will work. In terms of price, 4 square is recommended for short distance, because there is not much difference between the price and 2.5 square. If the distance is too long, the charging current should be considered. 2.5 square can load about 5.5kw power of 16A-25A, and 4 square can load about 8kw power of 35A-40A.

Relevant description

1. The new car you purchased may be short of battery power due to the time required for delivery, transportation and storage. Please charge it before using it.

2. Check whether the rated input voltage of charging is consistent with the power supply voltage.

3. The battery can be charged directly in the car, but the power switch must be turned off. It can also be unloaded and taken indoors and other appropriate places to charge.

4. Please connect the output plug of the charging appliance and the charging jack of the battery properly before connecting the plug of the charger to the 220V AC power supply. (Note: do not connect the negative terminal of the output end of the charger)

5. At this time, the red light of the power supply and charging indicator on the charger is on, indicating that the power supply is connected.

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